Survey on Points-Driven Computer Graphics

Journal of Computer-Aided Design & Computer Graphics

伍龙华,           黄惠*
Longhua Wu,           Hui Huang *

Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT)

图1 点云驱动的计算机图形学主要研究应用


A point cloud is a set of discrete points distributed in 3D space. The development of 3D scanning technology makes it possible to rapidly capture and sample the shapes of objects as point clouds. Points-driven computer graphics is hence now widely applied in many fields, such as reverse engineering, digital city, cultural relics preservation and robotics. This survey briefly introduces the recent computer graphics research based on point clouds in four aspects: capturing, resampling, representation and reconstruction. It provides the readers a big picture on this new rising field, showing state-of-the-arts, study trends and potential research directions in the future.

摘要: 点云是分布在三维空间中的离散点集, 也是对物体表面信息的离散采样. 三维扫描技术的迅速发展使得点云数据的获取更加简单方便, 而点云驱动的计算机图形学在逆向工程、数字城市、文物保护、智能机器人等领域日益彰显其广阔的应用前景. 文中简要介绍了近年来计算机图形学围绕点云在数据获取、采样处理、渲染表示和几何建模4 个方面的主要工作, 展示了这一新兴领域的研究现状和发展趋势, 并探讨了未来有潜力的研究方向.



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