Recent Progress in 3D Printing Inspired Fabrication Optimization



  胡瑞珍1,2              黄惠1*      

Ruizhen Hu1,2       Hui Huang 1*

SIAT 1        Zhejiang University2  

Figure 1:模型实体结构


      3D打印技术作为一种新型的快速成型技术, 为三维模型实例化制造带来了很大的便利, 同时也给数字几何处理带来了新的挑战. 为了能够通过更加快速、廉价的方式打印出实现了某些特定功能的实例化模型, 分别从模型设计和打印2个阶段对3D打印启发下的模型实例化优化研究进行概述. 希望能够使读者对这方面的研究热点以及进展有基本了解, 并有所启发.

     As a new way for rapid prototyping, 3D printing enables fabrication of custom objects with arbitrary geometry and also brings new challenges for digital geometry processing. To find a quicker and cheaper way of fabricating objects with some specific functions, vast research literature emerges. These works can be roughly classified based on the state they try to optimize, i.e., the model designing state and the printing state. This paper provides the readers a big picture on recent progress in 3D printing inspired fabrication optimization. We attempt to make it easier for new researchers to better explore and contribute to this topic.


Figure 2:支撑结构


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